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A World of Warcraft Blizzard Gaming Podcast hosted by Esmeralda Sky and Jaygurrl !

August 29, 2016

Chics That Click #18: A World of Warcraft Blizzard Gaming Podcast!



Chics’s That Click


Hey everyone! You are listening to Episode:  #18 of Chic’s That Click !

We are a World of Warcraft Blizzardy Gaming Podcast

It is: August 28, 2016 !

I am Esmeralda Sky and I AM PREPARED! to wait in queues :)

I am Jaygurrl, and is it Tuesday yet?

You can get access to everything we talk about , download the show, and also subscribe to the RSS feed at www.chicsthatclick.podbean.com !

You can Email us at chicsthatclickcast@gmail.com

And you can follow the show on twitter @chicsthatclick with a C !

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Shout outs? Events?

Jay: All the familiar faces in the Lightsworn. Nice seeing the Dirty Casuals back in WoW.

Esme To all the people advertising in trade chat to get people their moose mounts before time runs out NO CHARGE.

“They said Whaaaaat!? “

( This new addition I thought would be funny if we saw something cool or funny in any in game Chat during the week, we can share it here lol)


Trade chat :

Trader #1 says : “I'm looking for a rustic worgen female to let me rest my head upon her thighs while she sings to me softly in an English accent.”

Trader #2’s reply : “ The only song she'll sing to you is “I don't have time for this!”

This made me lol!

“Sound Off” Segment

This is where we discuss and give our take on any news and/or hot topics regarding any Blizzard game or in the Gaming Community


“Community Feedback”

Hey #Blizzard Gamers!
Are you streaming your games to Facebook!? Please take our poll & give us any feedback!  https://twitter.com/chicsthatclick/status/769989432854347779

Our Feedback?


  • It’s super easy, no need to learn broadcasting software, you can control who watches it.

  • Will it have the reach of Twitch? Or replace other streaming sites, not at all.

  • I’m not convinced it will take off all that well. Seems more like it’s just another way to share your gaming with your friends.

Esme Pros :

  • Barrier to entry is very minimal: Anyone should be able to select stream and send it out to their facebook page or a facebook page they host.

  • You can keep your viewers to family and friends and avoid ugly twitch chat rooms

  • It is super simple to pull off right from your battlenet launcher

  • I would rather see my timeline filled with people having fun gaming than the ridiculous stuff we see.

  • Maybe with more people being able to stream their gaming love it can get us one step closer to making it more acceptable that it is now to the old fuddy duddys we know? Maybe win over some of them boring candy crush people?

  • HOPEFULLY this is just the beginning to where they plan on letting us stream too. Streaming needs to be easier for everyone.


  • Facebook is the devil

  • It kinda sucks for the people who keep their geeky gamer life hidden from their family etc.

  • The quality isn't really the best atm unless you watch it on a mobile device.

    • I want to say it only allowed me to go to 780p and not 1080p. So the poor quality is kinda of working against the overall purpose of streaming imo.

Warcraft (2016)
DVD release date is set for September 27, 2016


Aww.. I liked the article that was here and is now gone.. *tears*

“Chic Cave” Segment

This is where we talk about anything Gaming related! Did we game? What did we play? What Did we do in our chic Cave? What drove us here?



  • Intro days for new employees sucked the life out of me. I was in bed fairly early most nights but I did get a lil gaming in each night.

  • Leveled my lil druid all the way to 100. Can’t believe she made it. Thank you invasions

  • Saved most of her chests and got a lot of gear once she hit 100.

  • Cleaned out banks and got rid of old mats. I really have a hoarding problem.

  • I’ve liked the Dalaran quest chain, I am anxious to get back to the Broken Isles and new zones.

  • Not sure what zone I want to level 1st.. Stormheim maybe.

  • Facebook streaming.. Interesting, did it to see if it would actually work.. It does.

  • Super sad that I have to work all week, I couldn’t take any time off, but this is also our anniversary weekend, parents are taking the kiddos so some us time, but also so gaming time!

  • Looking for group chat is the new barrens chat! Driving me crazy!!


  • I got both my Horde and Alliance Hunters All set and ready for Legion!

  • I got my neglected Alliance Druid from 90 to 100!!!! AND I THINK THEY ARE A BLAST!

  • I was having some issues with the Dalaran Khadgar end quest turn in a couple nights where he would vanish and return lol it was driving everyone nuts but it worked the next day.

  • I was trying to get my three demon hunters situated with the legion invasion gear drops but I keep getting gear I already have and I think my strive for getting all pieces caused major burn out. I passed out catching flies lol !

  • I LOVE THE T MOG addition the this expansion.  I am chomping at the bit to wear some sets I used to rock out all the time but I am being cheap and do not want to mog out all my characters right before legion because my gear will most likely be replaced in no time and tmogging is not really that cheap at all. I want to say this last mog was a bit over 200 gold .

  • I got into to some really great groups doing the invasions and that made them even more fun for me! I love running into awesome helping strangers in game that remind me that there are some good peeps out there in Azeroth to counteract the trolls.

  • I am still impressed with the amount of activity in game now. I think that some of the cool things the demon invasions added to the game was bringing back the need for other player to accomplish some stuff. I love seeing people offering portals to the next zone and asking to group up and sending out invites to players to do the content together. So badass and I hope it keeps up!

“Oh Look! It’s a Shiny!” Segment

This is where we can talk about anything we want that's not gaming related :)

Interesting articles? A movie we’ve seen? A tv show we have binged on?A craft ? A Pinterest? A family thing? WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT.



  • Sleep, haha. IT was a super long week and I was needing as much sleep as I could get.

  • My girls are learning to sew with their grandma, which is awesome. So not my shiny, but nice to watch them have fun.

  • Wishful remodeling plans…. Plus our oven door decided to break, so yeah we have that to deal with, but that has me looking and pinning all kinds of house stuff

  • Dark Legacy comic app.. Cracks me up reading the old comics. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dark-legacy-comics/id1111457170?mt=8

Esme: Bitmoji app https://www.bitmoji.com/

Syfy Show called Dark Matter

           ARTICLE BOMB!



5 Remedies to not feel the burn!   http://www.medicaldaily.com/dont-feel-burn-5-best-remedies-cool-your-tongue-after-eating-spicy-food-27http://www.medicaldaily.com/dont-feel-burn-5-best-remedies-cool-your-tongue-after-eating-spicy-food-2799309930

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