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A World of Warcraft Blizzard Gaming Podcast hosted by Esmeralda Sky and Jaygurrl !

September 12, 2016

Chics That Click #19: A World of Warcraft Blizzard Gaming Podcast! Legion and little roosters bring the smiles!


EPISODE_19_CTC_Graphic_FINAL_A.pngChics’s That Click


Hey everyone! You are listening to Episode: 19   of Chic’s That Click !

We are a World of Warcraft Blizzardy Gaming Podcast Hosted by 2 MOMBIES!

It is:! September 11, 2016!

I am Esmeralda Sky and I’m glad I realized people were flying off of the Dal flight area on their random mounts because to me it looked like they were running off on a mount and I almost tried it!

I am Jaygurrl, and adulting sucks… can’t I just play games all day?

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Events for this month of September!

  • Darkmoon Faire: September 4 – 11

  • Harvest Festival: September 9 – 16

  • Pirates' Day: September 19

  • Brewfest: September 20 - October 6

On September 13 2016, Its been 11 years since Patch 1.7 “Rise of the Blood God” brought us:

  • Zul'Gurub

  • Arathi Basin

  • Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

Do we have any memories from there?


Jay: Nope, Wrath baby all the way.

Shout outs?

Esme: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Jay and Her hubby!

Jay: To Blizzard for making an amazing game that had a way smoother launch than anticipated!!

They said WHAT!?

Twitter edition


Sooooo Ive always done BM for hunters any great advice places and things for Marksman?

miceleem@micmcan74  7h7 hours ago

@ESMERALDA_SKY yeah, what's wrong with you ya freak. Who shoots live animals

“Sound Off” Segment

This is where we discuss and give our take on any news and/or hot topics regarding any Blizzard game or in the Gaming Community




Blizzard had a special Legion panel at PAX West they announced :e

  • the mobile world quest app Available

  • order hall missions, order hall upgrades, recruits section manages gear, you can send them off on missions, see what world quests are available to plan your day (you can't do quests on the phone.) You can filter World Quests by rewards.

More coming in 7.1:

  • Trial of Valor raid

    • Trial of Valor is a mini-raid that ties up the story of Odyn and Helya, which players encounter in Stormheim and Halls of Valor.

  • New Suramar content:

  • Weekly campaign; should be around nine weeks.

    • Feedback from players is that Suramar is a player favorite.

    • Expected to be on the PTR in the next couple weeks.

I think it's safe to say we can sound off on our time in legion lol

Esme :

First off, now that I see how much they have to roll out for us it makes me think that everyone who had to stay tight lipped about it are saints ! Can you imagine taking the verbal lashings about the content etc and not be able to say anything!?

I chose to start my adventure in Val'sharah! Which made me go digging for more answers!

It is the  zone in the northwestern area of the Broken Isles.

A few facts on the area:

  • It was where Malfurion Stormrage first learned druidism under the Cenarius.

  • The zone is currently contested by Xavius and his satyrs attempting to spread the corruption of the Emerald Nightmare.

  • The first druids molded Val'sharah to be a mirror of the Emerald Dream.

  • It is as close to the Dream as Azeroth can come

  • The Emerald Dream :

    • The Emerald Dream has been described as :

      • A vast, ever-changing spirit world, that exists outside the boundaries of the physical world and is the verdant realm of the Dragon Aspect Ysera.

      • The Emerald Dream is basically how the world would have been, if intelligent beings had not altered its surface.

      • Emerald dreamcatchers siphon power from the Emerald Dream to bring their owners good luck.

What I love about my questing experience so far is:

Download the HandyNotes addon and the Legion edition to help find all of those treasures!

  •  I don't feel rushed to complete it.

    • In Wod I felt like it was just a means to an end.

    • I did not feel invested. I did not really enjoy the zones.

    • I felt like I was leveling the entire time in a huge pain train. It felt like I couldn't stand in a place and take my time or else I was being pummeled by 405 pissed off orcs. I was leveling Horde last year in Frostfire ridge . I hated it. I hate snow.

  • I love that everything scales. I love the landscape!

  • I love the hilarious angry plant ruffians and shrieking Harpies lol

  • I actually felt committed enough to make my hearth stone in the starting zone instead of the mega city with a zillion portals. I feel like logging out there.

  • I enjoy my class order hall, it screams hunter for sure and I like sharing it with other hunters and seeing people discussing their class. I think that is really cool.

  • I switch my profession to leatherworking and skinning and love netflixing and skinning things lol

  • I loved my Artifact Quest start up. I am torn on collecting my treasures now while i level or perhaps waiting until I'm 110 and going back and finding them.

I can not think of one thing that I do not enjoy at the moment. I am taking my time and enjoying every minute :)


  • Love, love love all of it. The initial quest to get my holy priest artifact was amazing. It felt right, it made sense why I was going to this legion world to find this artifact.

  • The priest order hall! It’s hidden deep in legion territory. I have had so many WTF moments! They started right from the beginning.

    • Order Hall campaign! Loves it!

  • The lore is so rich, everything feels as if there is intent behind it, even the side quests. It all feels integrated. Even the profession quests tie in to past lore.

    • Nomi- the lil kid panda who helped with panda land cooking, he’s back and burning all the work orders! It’s hilarious, yet frustrating.


    • Not sure how I feel about them yet, I love all the lore and how it makes it all connected. I do miss the mindlessness of professions from before.

    • When I was tired or just didn’t want to roam the world I could gather or watch a bar fill repeatedly and then have made progress in the profession.

    • Now it is more complex, there are quests, or you have to wait until you can make a certain level item.

    • Obliterum? Yeah no clue on how that works yet.

    • Some is my own unwillingness to read ahead for professions and to some extent my artifact weapon. I was trying really hard to avoid spoilers, but now I wish I understood it a bit better. I feel better now about it than a week ago.

  • Even though it is very pick your own adventure in the sense of when and how you choose to level, and even after it still feels super linear.

  • Started in Stormheim, hubs and I leveled together for the most part. This was able to happen thanks to scaling. He had most of the week of and was able to play quite a bit, but didn’t leave me in the dust because of scaling we were able to level together and dungeon together even though our levels were different.

    • Stormheim has great story. It follows up on the pre-launch event at the broken shore. I am curious to see what the horde side of it is, because I am curious what Sylvanas is doing and why.

    • Helheim!!!!!! So good. Just good. All I can say.

    • Also a lot of ties in to archeology. Again all things seem to link to each other.

7.1 is coming… OMG!!! Kara looks amazing.. The actual trailer made me so happy. I didn’t raid the original Kara during TBC.. because yeah wasn’t playing then. However, I have fallen in love with the lore of the place. It’s a fun maze of a raid. The new dungeon looks amazing.. Really, really looking forward to it. Also, some of it appears to be upside down… which is of course VERY interesting.

“Chic Cave” Segment

This is where we talk about anything Gaming related! Did we game? What did we play? What Did we do in our chic Cave? What drove us here?



  • Drove me there: Crazy, crazy work. Super busy and tiring, but being able to spend an hour or two a night leveling or doing world quests helped keep me sane. Alcohol also helps.. Just saying.

  • Had to buy a new stove. This is how we spent our romantic anniversary. Stoves and video games! Totally made me happy. Plus yummy dinners out.

  • Loved Stormheim, then we did High Mountain. Loved the music, not my favorite lore wise, but still very good, and not bad by any means. Then we moved to Val’Sharah… OHH THE FEELS!!

  • I’ve been healing again, stressful yet fun. The idea of getting to a core identity of a class makes it hard for me to not want to play her as holy. She is a holy priest, I played her in shadow a lot so she wouldn’t always die and because I wasn’t doing dungeons or raids with her in WOD. I have gotten the shadow artifact weapon, but have barely played her with it. It just seems wrong. My horde priest I will level as shadow.

  • Not sure how long the healing bit will last, but Healette feels like she has to be Holy. At least as holy even if it takes a bit longer to kill the bads unless I somehow get like 7 guys on me I don’t die. Which is awesome.

  • I was a bit overwhelmed once I opened world quests. I still haven’t finished Azuna because distractions. So many distractions.

  • The Nightfallen stuff in Suramar is very interesting… I feel a little uncomfortable how well they follow the signs of addiction and detox.. And then I have to give them more of the drug…. Kinda feels like an enabler.

  • Too much stuff!! AHHH!!


  • What drove me here?

    • Two birthday parties to plan

    • Hubbys truck breakingdryer breaking

    • Puppy chewing on anything she can find.

    • Jealous dogs peed in the middle of our bed when we had company over.

  • The first part of my week was heavy warcraft chic cave!

    • I did my demon invasions right up till legion launch and I and inching my way to 102 of my human hunter and started working on my Horde hunter.

    • I feel like i want to get each of my characters started on their artifact stuff but then I feel drawn to at least get to 110… so then i find myself just skinning everything lol I AM IN NO hurry!

    • BUT I am apprehensive about what spec to pick now because changing it seems daunting regarding the artifact

    • I find it entertaining when I start seeing leveling guilt hit people, like we feel we should be at a certain level by now and I am just not playing that way now.

    • I finally ordered my Warcraft Chronicle Vol 1 off of amazon ! I haven't got to crack it open yet but I stashed it where it is safe from my kids lol

    • I pretty much covered all of my love for warcraft legion up top :)

The last part of my week was trying to save my Ark server after wild card released a surprise expansion that broke all of the things lol

“Oh Look! It’s a Shiny!” Segment

This is where we can talk about anything we want that's not gaming related :)

Interesting articles? A movie we’ve seen? A tv show we have binged on?A craft ? A Pinterest? A family thing? WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT.


Jay: Uhh, no real shinies.. Well my stove is stainless steel and amazing.. But other than that I’ve been just in WoW..


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Shiny Bomb Time!



FelBlood - A parody of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood.

Written by Rowan & Gigi and performed by Gigi & Sharm.







Art by Awel & Ipheli.





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